Welcome to Breakthrough Counseling

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Are you struggling with loneliness and grief? Is it hard for you to face the day or get out of bed? Maybe that recreational drinking or drug use has begun to interfere with work, relationships, or family. How long can you fake being happily married? You’re whole life and the best part of it is yet to come. Breakthrough Counseling desires the opportunity to provide you a road map to freedom so you can begin to live your “whole” life now.
You may be remembering trauma from the past that you didn’t realize you even held in your memory. Childhood memories of trauma can be triggered by things that happen in our adult lives. Whatever you may be facing today that keeps you from fully enjoying life, coming in for an assessment will either rule out any problems or help pinpoint what needs to be addressed.
Breakthrough Counseling therapists want to help. Earning your trust and listening carefully creates the best environment for treating any problem and assures you of the best possible outcome in therapy. Your confidentiality and your personal plan of care hold the highest priority in treating your challenge.
Breakthrough Counseling is a full service center that treats you as an individual and supports your effort in seeking professional help. We work with children and adults from the most severe and chronic problem to problems requiring only brief counseling. Breakthrough offers family counseling to provide each family member ways to communicate for better understanding. New to our services: Breakthrough now offers distance counseling for those want to get better but have busy schedules. Ask for an appointment with Amanda for distance counseling.
Call us at 918-286-3278 or sign up for an appointment just by clicking here. We look forward to working with you.