Churches and Clergy Referrals

churchBreakthrough Counseling works with pastors in two ways. First, we serve as a professional resource to whom you can confidently refer your parishioners and congregants for help with chronic, severe mental health issues. You may also want a good place to refer for pre-marital counseling. We use Prepare and Enrich in addition to our years of experience in addressing issues to prepare couples for marriage.

The second way we can help is by offering you, your spouse, your family and friends a confidential counseling center. Where do pastors and their families go when they struggle with problems? Yes, we go to Him too. However, many times there is an immediate need to get professional help in coping until the healing is complete. Breakthrough offers a separate waiting area if needed to protect your confidentiality if that is a concern.

When we serve as your professional trusted, resource for your congregation and those you pastor you can expect these services:

1)    Addressing difficult behaviors or life issues

2)    Preparation of couples for the 1st or 2nd+ marriage

3)    Divorce prevention

4)    Adoption needs

5)    Creating a protocol for referring to our professional services

Breakthrough Counseling will meet with you, the pastor, and your staff to explain our services and answer your questions. We currently serve as a professional mental health resource for several churches and can offer a discounted rate once we have met with you. Please call us to set up an appointment for further information at 918-286-3278.